Veronika Chalakova

Read More Attention to detail Creativity Communication skills Work experience: I have very long experience in the banking and I learned how to work under pressure. But the there was something I missed there. And I found it in the field of marketing. I wanted to be creative and to make something different. And now […]

Valery Andreev

Read More My journey 15.09.2016 Started studying at American College of Sofia 15.09.2016 18.06.2017 Started working at Marketing consultant 18.06.2017 18.09.2018 Created my first website 18.09.2018 25.12.2018 Created my tennis media The beginning of 25.12.2018 20.08.2019 Created my first online store Started selling and managing company for food supplements – 20.08.2019 […]