Juhdi Rosadi

read more Skill Web development Languages Indonesian – C1 English – B1 Education S1 Sistem Informasi Universitas Nusa Putra Work experience Magang BPS Facebook-f Instagram

Aslam Surya Akbar

read more Skills Dancing 0% Teamwork 0% Public Speaking 0% Vollyball 0% Microsoft 0% Softwares Microsoft 60% VN Editor 75% Canva 75% Education SDN Karang Rejo 01 – SDN 151 Kalaena Kiri ( 2009 – 2015 )SMPN 05 Jember ( 2015 – 2018 )SMAN 03 Jember ( 2018 = 2021 ) Work experience Wedding Organizer […]

Mohamad Mostafa

Mohamad Mostafa

read more Services Dental assistant I’ve carried out procedures suitable to my educational level both in university and during volunteeing Languages Arabic A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 English A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 Work experience Translation (2019- now): as a freelancer Dental assistant (Sep./Oct. 2020) Contact me Facebook-f

Veronika Chalakova

Read More Attention to detail Creativity Communication skills Work experience: I have very long experience in the banking and I learned how to work under pressure. But the there was something I missed there. And I found it in the field of marketing. I wanted to be creative and to make something different. And now […]

Rosen Nanev

Read More Managing Communication Logistics Work Experience Speedy (2008 – 2019) I worked at Speedy as an office manager and courier partner. Foodpanda (2019- present) There I worked as a delivery driver. About me I am experienced professional in the sphere of delivery management and transportation. My vast experience in the delivery and transportation services […]