how we started

 Hi, my name is Valery! I am one of the creators of this website.

How it all started? The idea came to me one summer. My thought was to create an eye-catching and easy-to-use platform for all the freelancers… When I say all, I mean ALL. Not only for the freelancers in the digital sphere but also for self-employed people, small businesses, NGOs, or other organizations who are not very good with tech…

I thought that a platform where you can type some text and upload some images may work well for self-employed people and small businesses who don’t have the resources, the time or the knowledge to build a website presence on their own. Paying someone to build a website for you sounds better than it actually is, especially if you don’t have at least several hundred dollars (at the minimum)…

That’s why I wanted to create a website where all the self-employed people can create a profile about themselves or their business. I shared the idea with one of my colleagues – Delyan, who is the marketing guy on the team. He loved the idea, so we decided to make it happen 🙂

So yeah, we want to give every self-employed, small business, project or organization their small custom piece of internet for free!