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Best Gadgets for 2022

We like tech and digital, so we’ve decided to pick a list of the best gadgets for 2022 (at least according to us). Here are our favorites for 2022!

OPPO Air Glass

The OPPO Air Glass is a lightweight assisted reality molecule that modifies your specially designed glass when attached. The air glass is made of two basic parts. Which are the frame that supports other components and lens. It was built with a monocular waveguide and a self-developed Spark Micro Projector that uses micro-LED technology to project information through the five-element glass lenses. You can easily control what’s overlaid through the air glass by touch – voice, hand motion, or head movements.

You need to nail a presentation? OPPO Air Glass can be used as a teleprompter to take you trough smooth delivery of your project to the audience. Also, it has a built-in translation function that works perfectly for a real-time translation and the glasses can show a variety of applications like Weather, Calendar, Health, and Navigation. 


Cutcam is a smart clipper that allows you to give yourself a pro hear cut in the comfort of your space without having to travel or wait in line for an appointment at the barbershop. It comes with a rearview camera so you can easily see what you’re doing through your phone or any other connected smart device. You are thinking about you can give yourself a cut when you‘ve never tried to do that before.

Well, Cutcam is like the best teacher to take you from a newbie to professional in giving yourself haircuts. An app has arrays of experienced barbers who are ready to take you through tutorials on any style of your choice. With Cutcam you can easily save yourself some extra bucks, time, and gas you’d need to travel to a barbershop. You can view this gadget as your personal barber that stays with you anytime, any day, anywhere, and to even think this is a safe alternative for you.

The M by PORTL

Model M by PORTL is a mini holographic communication device that doubles as your extraordinary media tool. The device recognizes your voice and gives you instant feedback on whatever you want to get done. This holographic communication medium is built with excellent communication capabilities and will give you ultimate recorded entertainment to enjoy in your free time.

With PORTL’s mobile app, you can personalize the network/streaming experience with live or prerecorded interactive content. A built-in studio in a box capture ability allows the projector to transmit seamless images this means you can beam yourself into a portal anywhere in the world.Your perfect tool for easy shopping, immersive entertainment, telemedicine appointment and your virtual personal trainer.

Mango Power Union

Mango Power Union is a portable backup power station that gives you a limitless power supply and solves the frustrations of power outages. A large 6.9 kWh battery serves you for a longer time and has a powerful 4350W output. The Mango comes with two detachable parts. The upper part easily lifts off the base making it possible to carry around anywhere. You get the chance to charge as many devices as possible with 19 different ports that come with the Mango. This strong power station is one of the fastest charging ones as the battery charges up in 2.5 hours and supports up to 4000W of solar charging. Compared to others, the power output is enough to charge your biggest appliances and devices for a longer time; it can even charge up your electric vehicles without worry. 


It would be best if you had the Loop pillow for your comfort on trips – an ultra-versatile travel pillow with revolutionary spiral wrapping design. It provides superior comfort, and premium materials inside out. Creatives carefully designed the loop to ensure the pillow offers chin and neck support. The truth is that most pillows lack these. The pillow is giving room for 360-degree rotation of your neck. You can adjust the pillow till it aligns to your maximum comfort.

From the top curve of the neck to the tips of your shoulders the ergonomic helix structure provides users with perfectly cozy support at every angle. Its unique gooseneck inner structure maintains the pillow structure. It is also easily customizable. There is also a blanket with a dual-sided design that offers you all-season comfort. Cool SuperB bamboo fabric on one side, warm superfuzzy fabric on the other to keep you comfortable no matter the climate.

Kaibo Flex

Get submerged in quality sound with Kaibo Flex! Next generation of bone conduction headphones. Kaibo Flex adopts bone conduction technology (BCT) which works by sending sound vibrations to your inner ear through the bone rather than the air in your ear canal. This means you can listen to your sounds while leaving your ears open to listen to your surroundings. It uses patented audio technology to deliver crispy mid and high-pitch frequencies alongside solid bass. You can hear every detail accurately.

An innovative cladding technique eliminates almost all sound leakage. This is keeping your music and calls confidential. Control calls, music, volume, and voice assistants, all with a simple touch. Built-in optical sensors give you a smooth listening experience. It pauses your audio automatically when you take your headphones off and resume play as soon as you put them back on. The built-in battery can last up to 8 hours of listening time on a single charge. 

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