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How can an NGO use its Digital Deck page?

Whether you are a business or a non profit organization, digital presence is essential. Every organization, even non-governmental organizations need to have kind online activity. Here we have gathered some of the most meaningful applications of a Digital Deck page and why they are useful. 


The goal of many non-governmental non-profit organizations is to reach as many people as possible. The way to accomplish that is through marketing and if you want to get the most out of digital marketing you should definitely have a strong online presence. 


Every organization needs to have some kind of digital presence, so that if someone looks them up, they show up in the search engine. If you are unfindable online not only will it be harder for you to find new customers, but it would also make the organization seem less legit. Moreover if you are a serious NGO, you should have more than a Facebook page that shows up. Preferably you want a website page with good SEO. Digital Deck saves you from the hard task of creating a website and gives you a customizable page that is perfect for anyone that is interested in learning more about your business. 


Creating a website from scratch can be quite the tedious task and it requires skills that many of the owners of the organizations don’t have. That is why using a platform to create a page for you is so beneficial. In Digital Deck you can just enter all of your information and a page will be created for you. If you have any technical issues you can easily fill a form and get the problem handled. 

Beautiful designs 

Whenever creating marketing materials, the design is crucial. You want everything to be visually pleasing and attract new people. In the Digital Deck page you have access to many different high quality designs that suit your needs. Moreover everything is taken care of for you, so you don’t need to be an artistically inclined person. 

Brand awareness

Lastly, building brand awareness is crucial for every organization. Your logo and brand colors need to be recognizable and in order to achieve that they should be included into your marketing materials. With Digital Deck account you get free reign on the color scheme and overall design. 

Here are some of the most useful reasons why a non-governmental organization needs an online presence. If you are looking for other ways to build digital activity, you can check out our article “Best platforms to build digital presence”.


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