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Nitropack – Is it a good solution for optimizing your WordPress site speed?

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Pleasures are expensive. However, you pay a lot to get something positive in return. Expensive holiday – good memories, expensive headphones – excellent sound of favorite songs, expensive website performance optimizer – easy life. But is it worth investing in Nitropack?

Users’ feelings are mixed about this tool, and I don’t deny that it has its downsides. However, the opportunities provided by Nitropack are everything you could dream of and a matter of individual decision whether it is worth it. 

There’s no denying that Nitropack is familiar with perfection, but the high price and support limitations are drawbacks for many that can’t be swallowed. Still, it’s worth giving at least this article a chance to dive deep into the plugin’s world and get to know every aspect of the product. I promise I’ll be brief and won’t waste your time.

What is Nitropack, actually?

As long as you keep reading, then you are interested. But do you know what you’re actually interested in? 

Nitropack is a tool that any user can download for a fee (or for free, you will learn about the pricing in a minute). This plugin optimizes the website’s overall performance while focusing on its speed. That is it. 

In less than 10 minutes, various aspects of your website are automatically optimized. Your only task is installing this plugin, which is an easy process. It is used most often when you want to improve the UX – user experience and when you want to pass the Core Web Vitals. 

And what is the Core Web Vitals test? I will mention this test later as well. This tool allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the user on your website. Based on actual Google Chrome browsing data, the Core Web Vitals Checker presents four criteria for site speed. You may decide where to concentrate your efforts by looking at each measure, focusing on a distinct component of the user experience – loading, interactivity, and visual stability. Also, since 2021, Google has used the CWV test as an SEO ranking factor.

Target group

Nitropack is not for every user, just as gas hobs are not suitable for every kitchen. Well, one wrong move can set everything ablaze, and the comparison is not good, but the point is to move on to the target group of this tool.

Clearly and accurately – Nitropack is suitable for well-established sites with severe traffic. However, besides large sites, this tool is ideal for anyone looking to pass the Core Web Vitals test without spending too much time on optimization. What do I mean? Nitropack automatically does almost everything you need, which saves time, especially when you’re chasing a deadline (you can also manually make changes, you’re not limited).

Nitropack pricing 

It’s no lie to anyone that maintaining a website is not a cheap endeavour, and the costs don’t end with purchasing a domain if you’re aiming to market yourself and want to make money. And indeed, performance optimization is one of the critical steps to success.  

When it comes to all-in-one optimization, Nitropack deserves to be constantly mentioned because it is flawless. But it is expensive. There are no two opinions on the matter. The prices vary according to the average monthly visitors, there are 4 types of plans, and the choice is individual according to the website traffic, which is implied. 

The first – up to 5000 visits per month, is entirely free. Comes complete with 1GB CDN bandwidth and a watermark representing the Nitropack logo in the footer. It is suitable for any user who wants to test its performance. 

The other three are for 50 000, 200 thousand, and 1 million views per month, respectively, and the advantage besides more CDN bandwidth is the ability to purchase an annual plan for the price of “only” 10 months. 

As I said, there are no two opinions that prices are high. But the price-performance relationship is not to be underestimated, and you must appreciate all the perks that come hand-in-hand with Nitropack. What are they? We are now entering this vast topic.


If you don’t want to go in-depth (which I generally recommend you do, it is not a waste of time), you can “cast an eye” on the advantages and go directly to the next part – the disadvantages. 

– HTML, CSS and JavaScript AUTOMATIC optimization 

– Awesome CDN (Content delivery network)

– Cache warmup 

At the heart of all Nitropack’s benefits is optimization, which happens in the most sensible way possible, whether it’s HTML, CSS, JS or images. Where does the rush come from?

The codes are “purged” of unnecessary lines. Most often, styles that aren’t used on the current page you are viewing in the case of CSS are removed, the most essential JS elements are loaded first, and my favorite – the HTML code loads on the page instantly, literally. 

As for the pictures – the plugin takes care of everything you need. Adaptive image sizing, image compression, WEBP Support and Advanced lazy loading – if these advantages don’t tell you anything, the important thing is to understand that the photos don’t load the website in any way, and that’s what matters.

The freedom that comes with buying the product is a “luxury”. You install the plugin in minutes, and the result comes even faster. The automatic settings are flawless, yet you can make a slight or radical change even if you don’t like something. You can do exactly what you want – like today’s teenagers.

In addition to the ones listed so far, I should not forget another significant advantage. Ads are rarely mentioned as barriers to fast website speed, but they are often a big problem. Well, not if you have Nitropack. 

I can certainly tell you even more about how great this plugin is. But I won’t go on because I promised to be brief. I believe I get the idea – everything is being optimized to achieve the promised results. And what are actually the results?

Is Nitropack really that fast?

I told you the next point in this review is about the drawbacks, but first, I want to give you some stats. I’ll let you know what you will see – a perfect score.

These, and several other tests done on websites running Nitropack, outperform the other options on the market. Nothing is as good as it is. The results are impressive. Indeed.


Now, look at the “opposite side of the pancake”. The icebreakers.

I’ve explained how things are with the pricing plans offered for the plugin. They are high, but they are not unjustified. The provided support is something you declare cannot be denied and is not explainable.

With this kind of pay and a wide variety of options, Nitropack should have around-the-clock support. Every user should be able to get an answer instantly, but sometimes help is delayed for hours. And how can you contact them? In writing only. I love talking to people on the phone because I often get misunderstood otherwise. Well, you don’t have that option. 

For some users, a disadvantage also happens with websites relying almost entirely on JavaScript. It is indeed true – Nitropack is not really suitable for them. However, this is a rare problem as the number of people using JS is decreasing more and more sharply. 

Nitropack alternatives

Not all websites are suitable for Nitropack, as I told you. Its name speaks enough – nitro. And it’s almost as fast as Turbo, the snail from the cartoon of the same name. But if you’re not going for it, there are other options on the market. 

There are so many types of tomatoes in the store in the spring. Pink tomatoes, garden tomatoes, cherry tomatoes… So it is with plugins like Nitropack. If you want to choose the most affordable price, namely free, and at the same time the most suitable for a small site – I highly recommend Breeze. 

If you’ve already built your name in the market to some degree and have regular readers, you’ve reached the level of a mid-sized site. Then you need a more severe plugin, but not like Nitropack. And here comes my personal favorite (since I haven’t yet climbed to the “big fish on the market” step) – WP Rocket.


In conclusion, Nitropack is not for a small website just starting out or a medium-sized one because it is an expensive treat. The alternatives on the market I told you about earlier are a good option, and you shouldn’t underestimate them.

Nitropack might make a mistake in rare circumstances – performance swings have been a challenge, and the plugin sometimes causes photos to load extremely slowly. However, overall test results indicate it’s a successful all-in-one solution to enhance the speed and functionality of your website. It is without any doubt outstanding in the market. So, if a cost in the range of this tool’s prices will not affect you and you feel like being part of the “chosen one” (I mean the target group, it was a stupid joke), do not think any more and go right away to buy it.


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