Best platforms to build digital presence

A strong digital presence is important for every business. There are countless ways to gain recognition and build an online community, but in today’s list we have gathered the 10 most popular options. 

1. Website

When it comes to the digital presence of a business, having a website is a must! You need some kind of place online, where customers can find information about you and shows up when someone googles you. Your website is the place you would want to redirect people to. The most popular platform for website building is WordPress and if you are looking for starting an ecommerce store Shopify. If you are curious about more information on the topic check out our article “Best platforms for website building”.

2. Facebook

When it comes to digital presence in the social media space there is really no way to avoid Facebook. Of course all the different social media platforms are designed for different purposes and target groups. Facebook is a great and generally easy platform to use, so that you can gain some customers, establish brand awareness and it’s an easy way for your name to show up in the search engines. 

3. Instagram

Instagram has been growing quite fast in the last few years and having an account has quickly become a necessity especially if you are from the USA or Europe. Maintaining a page is definitely worth it and they have plenty of options to make your content pop off such as stories, carousels or reels. Of course it is better for more “visual” products or services and it takes time and probably it is not the best option if you have a scarce marketing budget…

4. LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn profile is very important! Why? Because it is for business and a great deal of professionals in Europe and North America have a LinkedIn profile… It is a professional platform, where people can easily find and contact you. Not to mention that the Linkedin Company page doesn’t need so much maintenance as a Facebook or Instagram page. Posting on LinkedIn is easier and most of the people who will come to your page won’t even notice if you post once a month…

5. Twitter

Twitter is more optional and it really depends on the country you are from. For example in the USA Twitter is very widely used. There are some limitations such as the amount of characters per post, but generally speaking it is an effective way to reach a lot of people. However outside of America it’s not as popular.

 6. YouTube

YouTube is a very powerful platform when it comes to digital presence. It is not essential in any way, most companies, especially small businesses don’t have channels, but nevertheless it has huge potential. It is one of the hardest platforms to gain many subscribers and it takes some time and dedication, but once you have a substantial audience it’s worth it!

 7. Pinterest

Pinterest functions as a search engine and it’s a great way for people to find your business. You can easily upload your catalog if you have an ecommerce site or drive traffic towards your website by pinning articles. Pinterest is particularly great if you are selling clothes, accessories or art supplies, but you can pretty much find everything there… 

8. Digital Deck 

However if you don’t need any additional functionalities and simply need a presentational page that showcases your skills, building a website from scratch isn’t really worth it. That is why Digital Deck is great for self-employed people, it offers a very cheap alternative to the traditional website, but your customers will still be able to easily get your contact information!

 9. Freelancing websites

If you are a freelancer you should have some kind of presence on the more popular freelancing websites. UpWork is one of the most internationally recognised ones, but there are many others such as Guru, Fiverr or FreeLancer. The point is that any potential customers will be able to easily access your contact information as well as quickly browse through your work. 

10. Websites specifically targeted for a certain profession

Lastly depending on your profession there are usually specific websites, where you can build a profile. For example if you are a lawyer you should have an account on or There you will find people that search particularly for legal services. The same goes for accountants, programmers, designers and any other profession you can think of.

Having a strong digital presence is essential if you want your business to succeed. Obviously you don’t need to use all of these platforms, because it’s impossible to maintain so much, however you should definitely consider trying out the ones that seem reasonable for your business.


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