Top 10 sites to find freelancing work

In recent years more and more people have opted to try freelancing or self-employed work. Despite the obvious positives of such work, some people find it hard to find new clients. So here is this article we have compiled the 10 best sites to find freelancing work, so that you don’t have to rely on personal contacts, print ads or Facebook groups… 

1. Guru

This is probably one of the most popular websites for freelancers. The signing-up process consists of creating a profile and listing all the details of your specialities and qualifications. Then any employer, who has shown any interest can contact you. The site currently claims over 32,000 members with over 7,000 job listings. They also offer a variety of backend services such as articles, and an ezine and other goodies that will help you run your home business more efficiently.

2. Upwork

This website is popular worldwide and can help you find clients all over the world. It also covers all business categories you can possibly think of. This site is set up as an auction where you bid on projects that interest you. Also there is an online rating system set up that allows buyers and sellers to make comments about each other which are then publicly shared. 

3. FreeLancer

Why we think FreeLancer deserves a place in the list of the best sites to find freelancing work? Great functionalities, user-friendly navigation and UX on a very high level. When registering to the site you have to build your online resume, where you should add all of your qualifications, specialties and skills. Then you can start searching for work, which conveniently is very simple. When you see something you like you can email the project owner with your comments through the use of a private profile number.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great site if you have a specific talent or product that can be sold cheaply. There you can advertise just about anything, but it’s particularly a great place for design work, photo retouching and Excel data processing. The prices do tend to be on the lower end so be aware of that, but you can definitely find lot’s of work there.

5. Bidvine

Here is a more regional site, if your work is more focused in the UK definitely check it out. The website covers over 400 professional services across the UK and its purpose is to connect you with customers that are a great match for what you do. When registering  all customers are asked a series of service-specific questions to determine what work they need doing. So that you are shown only customers that you can potentially help and you can privately apply for the job. 

6. Digital Deck

Digital Deck is also a great way to find freelancing work. The website is still growing, but there you can find international opportunities. When registering you give information about your skills and qualifications and you get a custom profile. Depending on what profile option you choose the customization levels are different, but there are very frequent campaigns, where you can get a pro account for free. Any potential client can filter what work he needs and contact you privately. The site is good for not only for promoting your digital skills but it is good for promoting local businesses, too.

7. Elevate

Elevate is great for the IT contractor crowd. The website will basically cut out the recruiters and place you with the best clients quickly and easily. Another added bonus is that there is no finder’s fee added to your day rate, so chances are that you’ll probably end up earning more. Upload your CV and receive job matches automatically. Over the years the Elevate platform has evolved to use powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so that the algorithm works great and it’s quite easy to find decent work. 

8. Self-Employed in the U.K.

This is not so much an advertising tool, but it’s a useful website for freelancers nonetheless. When you are self-employed you it’s important to take care of your taxes and obligations. Sometimes it gets quite hard to gather all needed tax information, so here in this website is compiled all the tax information you would need for the United Kingdom.

9. Designhill

Designhill is specifically created to connect employers and freelance designers. There are a few different ways to find work, you can either enter a project contest or the employer can find your profile through the search functionality. Designhill has a lot to offer whether you’re a graphic designer, web designer, or pursuing other types of design.

10. SimplyHired

Anyone can upload a resume to SimplyHired, it’s completely free and the website is very easy to use and user friendly. Their job search functions are great and they let you narrow down your searches only to what you’re interested in. The site also helps job seekers and  guides you on resume writing, cover letter writing, and other information to help you out. 

“Best 10 sites to find freelancing work” – to be continued…

If you are looking for more work, definitely check this websites out. It takes hardly any time to create a profile and in the long term it opens you up for so many work opportunities. It’s a really convenient way for employers to find you and saves a lot of time on both sides. 


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