Top 10 websites to find the best lawyer

Looking for an attorney near you can be quite a complicated process… Thankfully, the search online is simplified and you can basically find every service you need. If you need any kind of legal advice, check out these websites they will help you find the best lawyer in no time.

1. is the best and most famous website for attorneys. The website is based in the USA and you are able to find only american lawyers. You can both search for popular attorneys and search for law firms. Not only does the website provide you with a great search engine, it can also help you understand more about the law and how it works, as well as helpful tips. provides a complete source of information on lawyers available anywhere.

2. offers a huge variety of legal advice in almost all fields you can think of. This website is also centered in the USA and it has gained quite the reputation in recent years. More than 250 000 lawyers are currently using Avvo, which by recent estimates makes around 97% of all lawyers. You can easily browse through the site and find people offering the service you need in your city or area. 

3. is the largest legal marketing network in the USA. You can search for a lawyer by name, law firm, lawyer location and lawyer type as well as find several articles on law and legal issues by keywords. Its user friendly layout and worldwide popularity makes it stand out. is used by more than one million lawyers and law firms in more than 160 countries for a variety of legal purposes. 

4. offers unique opportunities and services compared to other legal websites. It provides you with simple step by step instructions that enable you to complete basic legal tasks without the need of a professional. With more trivial matters like writing a will, you most likely won’t need to go through a lawyer. In case you need a lawyer for bigger matters the website will connect you to the right lawyer for your needs. Nolo is compatible with the U.S legal system.

5. Digital Deck

Digital Deck’s main focus is not legal work, but the unique features of the site can help every lawyer to present himself with unique interactive design and great structure of the profiles. All the information you need will be on their profile, so that it is easy for the users to see what their professional interests are. All of their contact information is provided and you can easily filter through the specific city you live in.

6. is an online free legal information service that helps consumers and small business owners and legal professionals in finding the best lawyers, getting more information on legal issues and learning about the law in general. makes it easy to find a lawyer by name, cities, lawyer location, legal issue, lawyer type and more.

 7. is considered to be the best updated lawyer website in the U.S. The website lets you easily browse through all of the options and provides you with all of the relevant information to pick the best lawyer for you. Next to the professionals there is a star rating, which helps you with the choosing process. has also published a special section for lawyers in the leading cities and is a great place to find answers to all your legal questions.

 8. Yelp

Yelp is obviously not only used for finding attorneys, it is used for a variety of other different purposes. However, due to the huge amount of users it is a great place to look for recommendations or check for warnings. Good or bad reviews can certainly impact a lawyer. So if you are unsure about someone, search him out on Yelp and see what comes up.

 9. Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau is a private, nonprofit organization, whose purpose is to gather ratings and compile them on their website. In general, the Better Business Bureau has a solid reputation for accuracy in reviews and ratings. It’s not a traditional lawyer site, but it’s a great way to get a general understanding of what lawyer you should pick.

10. Upwork

Upwork is a very famous website to find professional help. It isn’t specialised in any field, but there you can find every service under the sun. Legal advice is no exception and the platform lets you easily select the kind of law you are looking for. Any contact information will be provided on their profile.

Finding a lawyer is generally considered to be a very daunting task, but there is no reason for it to be so overly complicated. Online you can find pretty much all the legal advice you can think of and at this point all decent lawyers and law firms have some sort of digital presence, so that they are easily found by new clients.


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