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Nikola Hristov

Nikola Hristov

Read More Services Web application development From and to Shopify, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WordPress WooCommerce and OpenCart Contact me Website building Building websites from the ground. Contact me WordPress services Theme adjustments, plugin development, уpgrades, store optimization, server setup Contact me Do you want a free consultation? Contact me and we will arrange a meeting! Contact […]

Valery Andreev

Read More My journey 15.09.2016 Started studying at American College of Sofia 15.09.2016 18.06.2017 Started working at Ucha.se Marketing consultant 18.06.2017 18.09.2018 Created my first website  mypureolive.com 18.09.2018 25.12.2018 Created my tennis media The beginning of mvtennisworld.com 25.12.2018 20.08.2019 Created my first online store Started selling and managing company for food supplements – https://aquazdrave.com/ 20.08.2019 […]