About us

Victoria’s Journals was conceived in Montreal, Canada in 2008 with the objective of establishing a label that both explores the endless possibilities of bookbinding as well as bridging in high fashion aesthetics and artistic fantasy. Our initial idea culminated in expertly crafted, lifestyle objects, ready-to-wear accessories and functional home-office pieces, acclaimed in more than 30 countries.

Operating in independent ateliers in Europe and Asia, quality of both materials and design is intrinsic to our every piece, using traditional craftsmanship methods while experimenting with progressive techniques and materials.

Our philosophy

Best fashion

We take fashion very seriously! We are having new collection every 6 months in order to give you the best fashion journal accessories.

Best price

We want more people to have fashionable journals with great quality. That's why we are using the best strategies to give you the best price.

Best materials

Quality is very important for us. That's why we use the best paper and materials in order to give you the best experience of using our journals.

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Victoria’s Journals